Caribbean food

The cuisine at David’s Beach Hotel emphasizes Caribbean flavors, the virtues of homemade delicacies and local produce with a short journey from Earth/Sea to table. 

The Caribbean cuisine is as colorful in flavors as the region itself, and at David’s Beach Hotel we give our guest the opportunity to experience this amazingly versatile yet largely unknown cuisine by serving delicious local dishes made with local produce.

Being a small boutique hotel and in order for guests to fully experience the Caribbean cuisine, we have a set menu so that guests over the course of their stay will have had the chance of exploring a wide variety of dishes. There is no dress code or white-glove service in our restaurant – just great food served by our friendly local staff.

If you are celebrating a special occassion we will be happy to work out something memorable for your special day.

Should you have any food allergies or preferences, be sure to let us know before your arrival, so we can plan accordingly.